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We Believe you deserve the best in dating

We strive to create a perfect algorithm that gives you a perfect match and with the most core values of life. We believe you deserve the best.

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AI Guide System

AI Guide System guide you
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Geo Map Chat

Every User on a chat will be able to know the location of the other person chatting without asking. (Based on prior consent)
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Video Chat

A fully functional video chat with Virtual Reality Complements
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AI Matching

Designed to understand your need according to your user behavior.
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AI Scam guide

Scams ways changes often but maintains some key elements, We are using AI to understand if a conversation is dishonest, leading to fraud and stealing.
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Facial Recognition

Teehamo make use of facial recognition after registration and some other security measures.
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It's really cool, you should go for it

Harriet Maxwell


Perfect matching system. true to their words

Carolyn Craig